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EU parliament work
MEP Zdanoka's speech on Biometric passports (19 April 2012)
Mr President, we are extremely satisfied that the studies, as the Commissioner has said, are in progress. Regulation (EC) No 2252/2004 is to be amended and we are happy that Ms Malmström has just expressed the very same opinion. I will allow myself to return to history and self-citation. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5505)

Parliamentary question: EU accession to the ECHR and ECtHR reform (8 February 2012)
What steps will the Commission take to strengthen national implementation and reduce the high number of repetitive applications coming before the ECtHR as a necessary precursor to any further concrete steps towards agreement on reform of the Court? read more >> (0) (Have read: 5519)

MEP Zdanoka's speech :" Swiss quotas on the number of residence permits granted to nationals of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary" (debate Thursday, 24 May 2012 )
Mr President, this is the second time during this Strasbourg session that we have asked why EU Member States are facing unequal treatment by third countries. The first question, related to visa requirements, was addressed to Canada read more >> (0) (Have read: 5530)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on EU citizenship report 2010 (29 March 2012)
Tatjana Zdanoka, rapporteur for the opinion of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5612)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on European dimension in sport (1 February 2012 - Brussels)
Our political group welcomes the EU-level action in the field of sport being mentioned in the Commissions communication. We also support the proposals included in Parliaments motion for a resolution. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5397)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Detention conditions in the EU (14 December 2011 - Strasbourg)
I know the situation very well, due to my experience as a human rights defender who has, for many years, worked on concrete applications coming from places of detention. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5471)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Ombudsman's annual report 2010 (27 October 2011 - Strasbourg)
First, in 2010 most of the complaints to the Ombudsman referred to the lack of transparency in the EU administration. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5507)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on matters of political importance (24 October 2011 - Strasbourg)
Precisely 20 years have passed since the Supreme Council of Latvia adopted the resolution under which only those residents who had been Latvian citizens in 1940 and their descendents were recognised as having citizenship of Latvia. One third of the population was thus deprived of all political rights. This was a unique case in parliamentary history: a parliament depriving an essential part of its own electorate of citizenship and thus, of voting rights. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5450)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Accession of Bulgaria and Romania to Schengen (12 October 2011 - Brussels)
We all know there were some shortcomings on Bulgaria and Romanias road to Schengen, but now the problems are resolved and Bulgaria and Romania are fully prepared to join the free travel area in 2011 read more >> (0) (Have read: 5497)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Changes to Schengen (6 July 2011 - Strasbourg)
We also believe that free movement of people within the Schengen area has been one of the biggest achievements of European integration. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5439)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Application of Schengen acquis in Bulgaria and Romania (7 June 2011 - Strasbourg)
The issue at stake is whether we grant assess to the Schengen area for Bulgaria and Romania. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5321)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Guaranteeing independent impact assessments (6 June 2011 - Strasbourg)
I would emphasise once again that the International Labour Organisations role should be strengthened. Voluntary corporate social responsibility is a good thing but the primary role in promoting and protecting human rights belongs to states and international organisations. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5391)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on External dimension of social policy (6 June 2011 - Strasbourg)
I would like our position on this report to be quite clear. First of all, while we appreciate that the final text may be improved by the votes tomorrow, it is strong enough, and we would simply underline that the role of the International Labour Organisation should be strengthened. On this we agree with the rapporteur. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5350)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on the withdrawal of democratic rights to vote in elections and stand for election in Spain (9 May 2011 - Strasbourg)
As a member of the Basque Friendship Group Toward a peace process in the Basque Country, I was among those signing the declaration aimed at requesting the Spanish Government to reconsider its position and take all necessary measures to ensure that the elections held on 22 May respect basic democratic principles. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5330)

MEP Zdanoka's speech on Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy - Eastern Dimension - Review of the European Neighbourhood Policy - Southern Dimension (6 April 2011 - Strasbourg)
I do support the European Neighbourhood Policy as a meaningful political framework for strengthening democracy in both the Eastern and Southern Dimensions, but I have now asked for the floor in order to pose the following question to all of us: whether the European Unions moral right to show third countries the way towards real democracy is well justified. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5482)

Parliamentary questions
Subject: European Public Prosecutor, European Arrest Warrant and pre-trial detention (12 September 2012)
Parliament has made it clear, in a number of recent resolutions supported by the Verts/ALE Group, that it favours the strengthening of judicial cooperation within the European Union for purposes of combating fraud involving EU funds and organised crime, notably by creating a European Public Prosecutors Office (EPPO) under Article 86 TFEU. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5597)

Tatjana Ždanoka question: Implementation of the citizens' initiative (10 May 2012)
Could the Commission confirm that all Member States have already adopted and notified the specific provisions intended to implement Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 as provided for in Article 21 and, in particular, the provisions concerning the online collection systems? read more >> (0) (Have read: 5520)

Parliamentary question
Subject: Report by the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly 'Lives lost in the Mediterranean Sea: who is responsible? (12 April 2012)
- Does the Commission concur with the reports conclusion that (taking into account the known facts) the two navy vessels that were in the vicinity of the boat should have taken action to save the lives of the people on board? What is the Commissions view of the fact that Spain and Italy, the two Member States with navy vessels in the vicinity of the boat concerned, did not take action to save the lives of the people on board? Is the Commission willing to ask why both Member States refrained from taking action? If not, why not? read more >> (0) (Have read: 5397)

Parliamentary question Subject: Biometric passports (6 March 2012)
Is the Commission considering re-evaluating the rules given the problems that appear to exist in several Member States? (For example, it is alleged that 500 000 to 1 000 000 of the 6.5 million biometric passports in circulation in France are false read more >> (0) (Have read: 5455)

Parliamentary question: Detention conditions in the EU (27 October 2011)
What will the Commission do at EU level to ensure that the fundamental rights of persons detained in prisons are respected and that detention conditions are improved in Member States? read more >> (0) (Have read: 5535)

Parliamentary question: Voting rights for Latvia's 'non-citizens' in local elections (12 October 2011)
Does the Commission agree that the democratic deficit in Latvia may reveal a clear risk of a serious breach of the principles of democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms? read more >> (0) (Have read: 5479)

Parliamentary question: Commission evaluation of readmission agreements (13 July 2011)
In February 2011 the Commission released its first evaluation of the readmission agreements which have been concluded by the European Union or on which negotiations are underway. In this context, a number of questions still need to be answered. read more >> (0) (Have read: 5494)

Parliamentary question: Financial support to Frisian-language theatre (27 June 2011)
The Dutch government has announced its decision to stop its financial support to the only professional theatre company working in the Frisian language in that Member State. Answer given by Ms Vassiliou on behalf of the Commission read more >> (0) (Have read: 5528)

Lietuvas prezidentūras darbības programma
Tatjana Ždanoka (Verts/ALE). - Es gribu Grybauskaitė kundzi apsveikt, un, protams, Lietuvu, ar stāšanos ļoti svarīgajā prezidentūras amatā. read more >> (0) (Have read: 3243)

Deputātu jautājums: Par Tradicionālo Eiropas nacionālo un lingvistisko minoritāšu un viņu valodu aizsardzību
Kādēļ ES izvirza stingras prasības kandidātvalstīm, iekļaujot Kopenhāgenas kritērijos prasību ievērot minoritāšu tiesības, bet tai nav efektīvu instrumentu, ar kuriem uzraudzīt šo tiesību ievērošanu pēc tam, kad valstis ir pievienojušās ES? read more >> (0) (Have read: 3205)

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The Foreword to the Book "Citizens of a Non-Existent State. The long-term Phenomenon of Mass Statelessness in Latvia"... read more >>

An opinion by Douwe Korff, Professor of International law, London Metropolitan University, London (UK) & Ian Brown, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (UK), prepared at the request of Greens/EFA group... read more >>
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