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MEP Zdanoka's speech on Schengen acquis implementation in Bulgaria and Romania (15.06.2010)
Mr President, since the SIS is an integral part of the Schengen area, the issue at stake is extremely important. I myself come from a new Member State. I remember how Latvia wanted to join the area. In this regard, I very much welcome the accession of Bulgaria and Romania.

Nevertheless, I must point out that some shortcomings are detected. My Group fully shares the position of the rapporteur that there should be a follow-up. In other words, Parliament must be informed of how problems have been solved, taking our concerns about data protection into account. I would also hope that the unavailability of slots will not be a barrier to joining the SISOne4ALL.

Finally, we fully join the rapporteur in his concerns about the new Schengen evaluation mechanism. We believe that Parliament should be able to exercise democratic scrutiny and I wholeheartedly welcome the statement of Ms Malmström that this will be the case.

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