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Legal and social situation of the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia

Author: Vladimir BUZAYEV

''This book is an outcome of monitoring the position of Latvian national minorities conducted by the Latvian Human Rights Committee since its foundation in December 1992. Its fi ve chapters deal with problems in demography, language policy, education, culture and citizenship, economy. The research is based on the previous monographs on the situation of national minorities in Latvia, where Vladimir Buzayev was either the author or a co-author. Besides containing latest results, the book for the fi rst time brings under one cover earlier conclusions of the author. It also integrates the data of other research into the issue. The major events concerning the rights of national minorities as well as all the statistic data, including 84 tables and 43 diagrams, are updated as of 2013. In order to provide the most objective vision of today's Latvia, the author uses information from a wide range of historical and international sources.''

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Citizens of a Non-Existent State. The long-term Phenomenon of Mass Statelessness in Latvia. Second Edition

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The Last Prisoners of the Cold War

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Media Legislation, Minority Issues, and Implications for Latvia (translation)

Author: Leonid Raihman, 2003

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News Bulletin from the Parliamentary Group of the European Free Alliance in the European Parliament. January - March 2005

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The Foreword to the Book "Citizens of a Non-Existent State. The long-term Phenomenon of Mass Statelessness in Latvia"... read more >>

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